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Title : Howdon for Jarrow, loup oot!

Format : song

Composer : Heslop, Richard Oliver (b.1842)

Production details : publisher : Daily Journal Office
Newcastle upon Tyne

Edition : second edition

Date : 1879

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Collection name : Geordy's last, (Newcastle folk speech); with rhymes and introductory notes.


Song referring to the failure of the local railway to service Jarrow. At the time this song was written, the trip to Jarrow had to be made in stages. It proved easier to take the North Shields Railway and then get out at Howdon, and use the river ferry. For a long time the railway on the south side of the River Tyne swept around Jarrow, requiring alternate forms of transport.

This song forms part of a study of 'Newcastle folk-speech' by Harry Haldane. The book was published in 1879 and included a small selection of local song, as well as 'Geordy's last', a local tale. Most of the songs deal with the topics of the day such as town improvements, although there are also a number of 'motto' songs in the collection.

Harry Haldane was in fact a pseudonym for the popular Tyneside song-write Richard Oliver Heslop. Richard Oliver Heslop was born in Newcastle on 14th March, 1842. An iron merchant by trade, Heslop's literary offerings were largely concerned with Northumbrian dialect. His 'Northumberland words' appeared weekly in the Chronicle for a number of years and writing local songs seems to have been something of a hobby.


Collection description : A brief study of the Northumbrian dialect with a selection of local songs.

First line : O, ye taak aboot travels an' voyages far

Subject heading : protest & industry and occupation

Keywords : transport & boats & railways & protest

Period : 1861-1900

Place : Jarrow , Tyne and Wear ,Howdon , Tyne and Wear

Page numbers: p. 38


Held by : Border History Museum

Copyright : Item reproduced by kind permission of Border History Museum


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